Why is she texting me after rejecting me? 6 Possible reasons

Have you been rejected by your crush, yet she still took advantage of any opportunity to text you or call you?

Is she sending you mixed signs and you are not sure what she wants? Here are 6 possible reasons why she might do this!

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1. She likes your attention

Some women tend to be immature when it comes to dating and flirting! They fell the need for attention, making sure there is always someone there who likes her!

This type of woman is not looking for a serious relationship, and the best you can do is to ignore her texts! It is really not worth it wasting your time and being upset over someone who is not attracted to you!

I know you are probably thinking why is she texting you out of nowhere if she is not interested, but you need to understand there are simply people who crave for attention!

2. She wants to be just friends

If you knew the girl for a long time, there might be a good chance that she would like to be just friends. Keep in mind that you are not being friend-zoned or manipulated.

But remember that is up to you if you decide to remain friends with her. It might be that you just feel uncomfortable around her, therefore is better to start avoiding her.

Best advice for you in this situation would be to try and talk to her! Most of the time, is just better to be honest and find the courage to ask for some space.

Just say “Hey, I think I will need some time to put my thoughts in order! I like you and right now I am not sure we can be just friends!”.

Remember that she has not done anything wrong and that you can’t force love.

If you find hard to speak to her, you can always text her and express your feelings! But never ask a friend to do it for you.

However, if she keeps texting you, then she might fit our first scenario, where she is looking for attention and is taking advantage of you!

Or perhaps she is expecting you to keep chasing, which is up to you if you think is worth doing it.

3. You are her security net

She is aware that you like her, therefore she wants to keep you around while she is exploring other options.

Perhaps she is attracted to somebody else who might not be interested in her or is out of her league!

There are plenty of relationships where one person loves more than the other! Are you prepared for such a relationship?

You need to ask yourself and try and see in the future. Often times, women like this like to be in control of everything.

4. She is an insecure person

While some girls are comfortable with the way they look and what they have, others might deal with all sorts of insecurities.

Most of the time, such women like to keep around them people who are attracted to them. They feel the need for validation! They want to feel desired!

Best option is to start ignoring and not text her back!

5. She is not ready for a relationship

If she comes after a recent breakup, she might not be ready for a new relationship. She feels the need to speak to someone, but has not fully recovered from her previous relationship.

There is also the possibility that you are moving to fast, and she can’t keep up! Some girls really like to take one step at a time!

She might not tell you this straight away, but she might send you signs showing this.

Even though she might not be ready now, she could still consider a relationship with you in the future. You need to ask yourself if she needs to know you better.

6. You make her feel special, so she keeps you around

Let’s face it! Everybody likes it when they feel special! Girls love it when they feel appreciated, loved and desirable!

Unfortunately, some women take advantage and like keeping around guys just for the compliments.

Sitting down and talking with her is probably the best approach. It might be difficult to find the courage to do so, but otherwise you will find yourself being stuck.

You will keep thinking about her as a girlfriend, while she wants you around just to feed her attention.

Final words

So, after going through 6 scenarios where a girl keeps contacting you after rejecting you, which one do you think applies to you?

Most of the time, the best outcome is you getting over it and her stopping messaging you.

It is understandable that sometimes is difficult to let her off, however you have to take into consideration that when she will find love, your friendship will probably end anyway.

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