What are 6 signs that she loves you?

Have you been staying yourself up at night wondering how she feels about you? Do you want to take it to the next level but are terrified at the thought of rejection?

Have you actually considered getting a daisy and plucking off petals until you reach the hopeful “she loves me” leaf?

Cher may have made it sound so easy by saying she could know when you love her so through your kiss, but how are you to know?

Her kiss is one way she will tell you, but she will also tell you in a number of other ways. Some are obvious, others, pretty vague.

6 signs that she loves you

If you are waiting for her to say the “L” word and she’s just as hesitant as you, see if any of these six not-so-obvious signs pops up in your relationship.

1. She agrees to do what you want to do

If she is walking along with you on the golf cart but has no intention of ever setting her foot on the green, that’s because she loves you and just wants to be with you.

She doesn’t care when, as long as it is as often as possible, and she doesn’t care where, as long as you are right beside her.

Yes, you will have to return the favor with your share of Katherine Heigl movies, but you won’t care about that either for the same reason. You’ll just be happy you are spending time with her.

2. She will surprise you

And no, not in the face-in-the-bushes-outside-the-bedroom kind of way. The kind that makes you go, “Wow, I wonder what brought THAT on?”

Love is what brings it on when she drops by with chicken soup when you are sick, emails you a funny comic when you didn’t get the promotion you expected, or leaves a little note in your briefcase while you are in the shower.

There might be some things that you mentioned in the past that you wanted that will just show up after a tough day, those kinds of surprises.

Women are very good at sensing the needs of the people they love, and she will meet them without your even realizing you wanted it.

3. She is affectionate in public

A public display of affection is a very good omen that she is falling in love with you. It is her statement to the world, “Hands off; he’s mine.”

Although this seems like an obvious sign, pay attention to how she handles this when other women are around.

Does she become more affectionate and seemingly clingy? It’s because she is sending a not-so-subconscious message to the lady present.

Does she become cold and withdrawn? She is saying you are available, whether you realize it or not.

4. She knows what you need when you are upset

This goes beyond those little surprises she is doing for you and is another element of women’s intuitive nature.

This intuition is enhanced around the people they love, specifically their partners and their young according to Allan Pease, author of “The Body Language of Love”.

Women are simply better wired for picking up your non-verbal cues, and whether men realize it or not, they appreciate them for that.

She knows almost without asking it seems what you need to get out of the mood when you are having a bad day.

It might be a good laugh, it might be a good drink, it might just be someone to talk to, but she will sense it and provide it for you if she loves you.

It’s precisely why you can’t wait to get home to her after one of those days.

5. She mentions the future

It’s the same sign she is looking for in you. If you love her, you are bringing it up to test her response. She is doing the same thing, but women make more short-term milestones than you do.

For you, you are thinking five years down the road. For her, she’s hoping you will commit to the Stones concert this summer.

If you say yes to that, she will feel very good about what the rest of your future beyond that concert will bring.

6. She has your back in public

You may find yourself on occasion in an awkward situation at a cocktail party or other event where you run into “that couple” that is always quarreling with each other and tearing each other down.

You find that awkward because you know your girl would never do that. That’s because she respects you and…loves you.

She will have your back in public in a way that you know nobody else will. Whether you are getting into a spat with your best mate or having a fight with a family member, she is on your side, and you know it.

If you know this about her to be true, and she has not said the “L” word yet, she will soon.

Where women feel happy hearing those three little words from men, men prefer to see actions that prove to them how someone feels about them.

Women are very good at sensing this and will show you through their actions how they feel about you. If she behaves in a way that is generally caring and nurturing around you, then she definitely wants you to be a permanent fixture in her life.

If you have seen any of these signs in your relationship, what are you waiting for? Go and tell her that you love her too!