She has a boyfriend but talks to me every day (7 possible reasons)

If she has a boyfriend but talks to you every day, you have every right to feel confused. Why doesn’t she talk to her boyfriend about the things she tells you?

Why is she telling them to you in the first place? How come she wants to get in touch with you every single day?

There are several possible explanations that might help you realize what kind of relationship you have with this girl. Is she interested in you, or are you just close friends?

Keep reading to find out all the reasons why she talks to you every day even though she has a boyfriend.

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1. She likes you as a friend.

Even though many still don’t believe it, men and women can form close friendships without getting romantically involved.

This girl might consider you a close friend, or even her best friend. Did she ever refer to you as her best friend or mention anything about it?

If so, it might be the reason behind her constant need to talk to you. While most friends don’t talk to each other every single day, close friends and best friends often do.

There’s nothing wrong with someone being in a romantic relationship with one person and having a close friendship with the other at the same time. Is it really just friendship though?

Does she flirt with you? She might avoid mentioning her boyfriend around you or complain about their relationship if she’s interested in you.

On the other hand, if she thinks of you as her best friend, she is probably going to mention it. Since she talks to you so often, she most certainly likes you and enjoys your company.

However, this doesn’t have to mean that her feelings for you are anything more than friendly.

2. She likes you.

Yes, one of the possible reasons why a girl might talk to you every day is if she is romantically interested in you, and this can happen even though she has a boyfriend.

If she thinks of you as more than just a friend, she is probably as confused as you are. Love triangles lead to tricky situations that no one wants to deal with, but she might not be ready to break up with her boyfriend.

She might even still like him, but she suddenly discovered that she likes you too. What now?

Well, she should be mature enough to end the relationship with her boyfriend before getting involved with you, but things are rarely that simple when it comes to love.

You can try talking to her about it and see if she’ll be ready to make her decision any time soon. Don’t wait for her too long but let her do some soul searching and figure out her feelings.

Having an affair shouldn’t be an option since it could just lead to problems, but if you like her back, you don’t want her to end things with you, which is one of the possible outcomes.

Maybe getting some distance would be best for everyone, and you’ll see whether you’ll still have those feelings afterward, which will help you make a decision on how to proceed.

3. She is using you.

When someone doesn’t get what they need from their partner, they search for it from other people, and this applies to much more than physical intimacy.

She might be lacking emotional support or encouragement in her relationship, so she’s trying to get these things from you.

Maybe her boyfriend is great at a lot of things, but he doesn’t give her compliments, and you do, or he doesn’t give her enough attention while she gets plenty from you.

The point is that you are giving her something that her boyfriend isn’t, and she is using you for it. She might also be using you as an ego boost if you are into her.

If you have made your interest clear, she might be enjoying the attention with no intention to break up with her boyfriend.

In a way, she is stringing you along because you boost her confidence, but she might also be keeping you as her backup plan.

Even if she has no interest in breaking up with her boyfriend now, she likes knowing that there’s someone else nearby ready to pick up where he left of in case things don’t work out.

4. She is just being nice.

On the other hand, this girl might simply be trying to be polite. She always responds to your calls and texts because she doesn’t want to blow you off and hurt your feelings.

If the only reason why you talk every day is that she is being nice, you’re probably the one who reaches out first most of the time. Don’t reach out to her for a few days and see how she’ll react.

If weeks go by and you don’t hear from her she was just trying to be polite when she talked to you. Maybe she likes you, but not as a close friend and certainly not as a potential partner.

If instead, she’s the one who often reaches out first, this probably isn’t the reason that happens.

Most likely, she likes you as a friend, but if not, the next possible reason is that she’s into you.

5. She is cheating on her boyfriend.

If she was cheating on her boyfriend with you, wouldn’t you be aware of it? Well, surprisingly, you might not be.

Even though an emotional affair isn’t “technically cheating” like a physical affair, it’s still an affair.

She might have grown attached to you to the point where you’re emotionally involved as more than just friends.

Is she acting like you’re her boyfriend or a crush even though your relationship isn’t physical? If so, she might be cheating on her boyfriend, at least emotionally.

An emotional affair is a tricky situation that leads to an end of a relationship, the only question is which one.

Your relationship might become physical, and she’ll literally cheat on her boyfriend, or she’ll break up with him and be with you, but there’s a third option. She might end things with you and stay with her boyfriend.

The point is that an emotional affair can’t go on forever, and it’s difficult to go back or move forward. You’re probably not going to be “just friends” ever again, but getting involved is a problem too.

So, you’re like in the relationship purgatory for now, and you’ll have to talk your way out of this by talking to each other.

6. They are in an open relationship.

Let’s not forget that people get into all kinds of relationships these days, and open relationships aren’t that out of the ordinary. Has she ever described the kind of relationship that she has with her boyfriend?

Maybe she mentioned that she’s polyamorous or that they both are. He might be involved with someone else and perfectly fine with her doing the same.

Does she openly talk to him about you and her fondness for you? If so, it’s definitely not a secret, so either her boyfriend is on board with it, or you’re just a friend to her.

Even if they’re not in an open relationship, they might have talked about seeing other people.

Maybe they’re on the verge of breaking up or are simply fine with having a non-exclusive relationship. You won’t find out unless you talk to her about it.

7. She’s considering her options.

She might be ready to break up with her boyfriend even though she hasn’t done it yet. She’s considering her options and playing the field to see what’s out there.

You might not be the only guy she’s talking to, and if you are, she might have already made her decision.

She could be waiting to see if you would be interested in her before she breaks up with her boyfriend.

Anything is possible, really, so you’ll have to let her know how you feel and find out how she feels about you.

If she is going to leave her boyfriend to be with you, it might be best to wait for a while before getting involved. Jumping from one relationship into another one rarely leads to a healthy one.

All in all, you’re not going to find out why you have these daily conversations unless it becomes the topic of one of those conversations.

Don’t hesitate to ask her where you stand with her. Without physical intimacy, friendly feelings and romantic feelings can easily get confused.

She might even not know the answer to why you’ve become so close herself, but you can talk it out and find out together.

Whatever you do, it’s best not to get involved while she’s in a relationship with someone else.

Cheating always ends badly, so if you’re not just a friend to her, the two of you might not be the couple that needs to have a conversation, but she and her boyfriend are.

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