My ex is contacting me and he/she has a new girlfriend or boyfriend!

What’s up with that? Why would an ex keep texting me if they’re clearly in a happy relationship with someone new? Well, there are several possible explanations. Here are the most common:

1) They just want to check up on you and get updates about your life without their significant other knowing. Or…

2) They want you to be jealous of them – they may not even realize it but deep down inside they don’t feel good enough so by getting attention from someone else and making YOU think about THEM will make them feel more confident. Maybe…

3) The truth is, they still have feelings for you and when they see you happy with someone new they get jealous and start trying to make themselves feel better about the breakup.

My ex is calling me

Unfortunately, there’s no way to be 100% sure why your ex is contacting you when they have a new significant other. But whatever the reason is, KNOW that it has nothing to do with them liking you! Your ex wants NOTHING to do with you at this point… except for perhaps updates on your life or jealousy from seeing what *you* are doing. Keep reading below for advice on dealing with this frustrating situation…

My ex won’t leave me alone! Why doesn’t he/she understand that we’re over?

If your ex keeps contacting you even though they have a new girlfriend or boyfriend then it’s likely that they’re just trying to get attention and make themselves feel better. (Read above for more info)

If this is the case, then it’s important to stay strong and not give into their desires. It’s easy to fall into the trap of starting up a friendship with them again but don’t let your guard down! Treat every text as if you were still dating – be nice and cordial but also firm about your boundaries. You’ll find that most people will catch on quick when they know there’s no chance of getting back together… even if it means having to occasionally ignore their messages.

If you’re tired of dealing with your ex and want to put an end to all contact once and for all, then click HERE for expert advice on how to finally cut ties.

My ex is contacting me now but has been ignoring me for weeks/months!

There are two possible reasons why your ex is suddenly contacting you after months of radio silence.

1) You probably think that they’ve moved on and are dating someone new, right? Don’t be so sure about it! If your ex wants nothing to do with you then why would they still contact you every now and again? I mean… what’s the point if they’re clearly emotionally unavailable? There could actually be several reasons why this is happening. It may either be because…

2) Your ex was hurt by something you did (or didn’t do) and they’re giving you a second chance to make things right. Or…

3) Your ex may actually still have feelings for you but they’re panicking because their new relationship isn’t going well so now they need a back-up plan! Whatever the case, it’s important to keep reading below if you want advice on how to handle this frustrating situation…

My ex keeps trying to talk to me but I don’t want anything to do with them! What should I do?

If your ex contacts you after months of silence then there are two possibilities that could be happening:

1) They miss you and just want attention from someone familiar. This is why they’re contacting you even though they’ve moved on – it makes them feel about themselves because YOUR life looks a lot better than theirs right now.

2) When your ex initially broke up with you, there were problems in the relationship. Now that they’ve been dating someone else for a while, the flaws of their new partner are starting to show and they’re freaking out because it’s not working out like they expected! Your ex probably feels helpless and hopes that by reaching out to you again (after all this time), things will go back to how they used to be.

So what should you do? You could try talking to your ex and see if maybe there’s still a chance between you guys but I’d highly recommend against it! The reason why is because if this person is willing and able enough to date someone else, then THEY weren’t really that into YOU in the first place. You deserve better than to be somebody’s back-up plan! 

(Note: There are only two scenarios I mentioned about why your ex is suddenly contacting you again after months of radio silence but don’t worry – there are more potential reasons for this behavior found HERE !)

My ex starts dating someone new and now they’re ignoring me… what does it mean?

If you think that your ex suddenly stopped contacting you because they’ve moved on then think again. Your ex probably *did* move on, that is until they started dating their new partner! When people start dating someone new, it makes them feel good about themselves because suddenly they have a “better” social status with their peers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long before these people realize that their new relationship isn’t as perfect as they thought it would be! Your ex is probably getting frustrated with their new partner because your ex’s expectations were too high to begin with. Instead of trying to work on the problems in their current relationship, your ex decided to go back to you for comfort and sympathy which is why they’re suddenly contacting you again.

My ex started dating someone new but keeps texting me! What should I do?

If your ex starts dating someone else soon after breaking up with you then this is a very strong indicator that THEY weren’t really all that into YOU even though they claimed otherwise. They might have told you how much they loved you or wanted